Reginald: a regenerative mushroom who is also a degenRegen Token

Come for the points
Stay for the impact

The Regenomics behind $REGEN are designed to make being a Regen fun and rewarding 🍄

The initial token distribution is based on your 'proof-of-regen' via your onchain history

Don't worry farmers, you can earn points and boosts by being an active Regen on Farcaster

Spongebob and Regen magic word

Making farming
Fun again

Points should be good 👨‍🌾 Farming should be fun. So $REGEN will be:

  • An open, fair and fun field to farm in
  • A place to play onchain without high gas fees
  • A safe space without anon devs or VCs lurking
  • No staking, no lockups and no BS (even if it's good for fertilizing the soil)

Just a fun environment for Regens, Degens and everyone else to embrace Regen culture.

wen Airdrop?
wen Moon?

Spongebob and Regen magic word

Regen officially launched under the pink moon – the full moon of April 23rd 2024.

Following Regen protocol, all plans for $REGEN revolve around lunar cycles. Here are the initial details:

  1. Moon phase 1

    Pink Moon: Farming

    Earn points for your Proof-of-Regen activity. Farm points by being active in certain Farcaster channels. Learn more

  2. Moon phase 1

    Flower Moon: Airdrop #1 + Tipping

    Following the Flower Moon, $REGEN will be airdropped and available to use as a tipping token to distribute $REGEN for Regen aligned actions

  3. Moon phase 1

    [Redacted] Moon: Harvest

    A special moment planned for Regens to celebrate

    The harvest will also mark the end of Airdrop 1 claims - unclaimed tokens will be transferred to the $REGEN treasury for future distribution

  4. Moon phase 1

    Moon Cycles

    All airdrops will occur under a full moon. Following the Harvest, the cycle will continue, with $REGEN rewards for Regens for being Regens through sustainable, long-term Regenomics